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The northern island of Hokkaido is sometimes viewed as a country in itself. Although, there is no disputing that it is part of Japan, Hokkaido is also so much different when it comes to its people and even its food.
You can find many food items as you normally would find in the main island of Honshu but Hokkaido has developed several “regional” delicacies which you must make part of your experience while visiting Hokkaido.
Jingisukan – mutton barbecue. This delicacy is almost never found in other parts of Japan but in Hokkaido it is a specialty, often served with vegetables. The usual method of preparation is for it to be grilled right at your table. It is popularly know by many as Genghis Khan Barbeque.
Ishikari Nabe. Folklore leads us to believe that this particular winter hot pot meal started as a meal for fishermen near the Ishikari River. It is here that the salmon usually return in the fall.   The original style consists of the whole salmon chopped up and simmered in a pot with cabbage and green onions with miso.
Crab, Crab and more Crab! You cannot visit Hokkaido without sampling the seafood of that region. Although you can find a bounty of different seafood including scallops, fish, and other fresh and high quality seafood, your journey would not be complete without enjoying the fresh caught crab of Hokkaido. Depending on the season, you can enjoy Queen Crab, Horsehair Crab, Red King Crab, or Blue King Crab.
So after spending the day taking in the beauty, history and culture of Hokkaido, remember to enjoy the great food that this region has to offer. It will make your adventure that much more memorable.